Our artisans and suppliers share our passion for high standards and exceptional materials. 

We travelled the globe looking for the best craftsmanship and found the best partners we could ever hope for in a small artisanal town that has more than 300 years of experience with leather.

We were captivated for their enthusiasm for their work and the perfection in their quality. Born out of a passion for art and design, Mc Kissack opens its way through the doors of luxury with a product inspired by timeless elegance with a touch of uniqueness.

Artisans constructing Mc Kissack pieces today have worked with top luxury brands for over 30 years and they have full knowledge of how to employ the most difficult and beautiful techniques that only a few workshops are able to do.


Our bags are made from 100% genuine full-grain Italian leather with a different finishes that depends on the design.
We’ve also invested heavily in a top quality linen lining that most top quality brands choose. For us, a top-quality product begins with extraordinary materials. We buy our materials from suppliers that we know are responsible and care about the environment, our lining is totally biodegradable and 100% organic.


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